Showcasing a Perth Locksmith

In this post, we’re showcasing yet another of our highly valued client. This time around it is a lockmith company called Power Lock and Security – a sole trader who is a passionate about his job. Although currently, he is a one man team – make no mistake he is a force to be reckon with! The owner’s name is Clint, a renowned locksmith professional in Perth. He asked us to give him online presence via social media marketing and redesigning his website to make it more interactive. Of course, we’re more than happy to help him out. Check out his revamped website at to show your support for a local business!

Perth Locksmith - Powerlock

When we asked Clint what is one of the biggest challenge for him when running a locksmith business solo, his reply was his inability to be at two places at any one time. When business picks up he usually have to rely on temporary subcontractors to fill in the gap when it is a busy period. But he doesn’t mind, why? Simple he said.. if you are super busy and having to be in several places at a time, then it is a very good problem to have. And it immediately strung a chord with our very own online business. That is, struggling to find someone to help you during busy periods is a good problem to have. Imagine if you very light in work, the phone doesn’t ring anymore… not such a good problem to have right? Definitely not!

Power Lock and Security offers a vast range of locksmith services, ranging from a simple deadlock change to a midnight lockout emergency. Yes you hear right, Clint offers his awesome service 24 hours a day. Asked if he ever gets sleep, his answer is yes.. but only when the phone starts to ring! Some might say he’s crazy to run a 24 hours service but to us it shows someone who is very dedicated to his craft and who is very passionate in helping Perth residents.

So if you’re locked out from home or perhaps you’re a landlord wanting all of the locks changed, then Clint is your man. Give him a call at any time of the day on 0420 909 039. Tell him Roughstock Studios referred you and he will no doubt look after you very well!

Another thing about Clint is that is a family man. so he will understand your problem such as being locked out from your own home. His trustworthy work van is fully equipped with everything having to do with locksmith! Don’t believe us, then if you do call him out, then you have to check what’s in the van.

Just like you would call the RAC when you are stranded on the side of the road. Power Lock and Security will get you back in!

Bali Tattoo Business

As a bonus and a thank you for engaging us with your business, we will feature your business on this site absolutely free. That basically mean free advertising for you! Today, we’d like to showcase a Perth man’s business that is actually situated in Bali. The tattoo studio is a mix between west and east. A hygienically clean tattoo studio is a popular spot for locals and Aussie visitors alike. Check out their official website: and perhaps book a tattooing session! In fact, we’ve done a deal with the owner Damian – if you mention you saw the post right here at Roughstock Studios, Indo Ink Bali will give you a 35% discount! You heard right! So why wait any longer? The next time you’re in Bali and in need of a tattoo, then we encourage you to consider this studio.

Indo Ink Bali employs local artists who have plenty of experience in both traditional art and modern designs. If you’d like a customised design, feel free to bring it in to the studio and the staff will try and make it happen!

Being located in Bali, many Australians may refrain from visiting; owing to the perceived health concerns. For example, dirty needles etc. But rest assured, Indo Ink Bali follows a strict health guidelines policy which surpasses many other studios in close proximity. This guarantee that the studio is a hygienic and sterile environment for getting your tattoo done. The prices are very affordable when compared to getting tattoos done here in Perth.

Location details:

Jl. Werkudara no:522

Legian Kaja-Kuta

Bali – 80361


As mentioned previously, Indo Ink Bali takes safety very seriously. So do not compromise your safety in Bali by booking a tattoo session at Indo Ink Bali. If you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact the owner (based in Perth) at the website above.

So if you’re an Aussie and thinking of heading over to Bali for an awesome tattoo, then please consider this business. We’d highly recommend it. That way, you’re supporting a local abroad!